Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Making things for Children

I just learned today, (I'll admit I just gave up on trying to understand it) and well worth taking your time to read it. Sarah Faix of Bit  of Whimsey Dolls was the lovely lady to give the information to me.  Whimsical not prim at all, but I enjoyed making these dolls for our granddaughter and sold several locally when I was doing the Sunday Market at Discovery Green.

If you make items for children, you might think, well that is OLD NEWS, but perhaps you are like many of us, we make dolls as carefully for others as we would for our own grandchildren. I couldn't afford testing items that are basically one of a kind, so I quit making dolls for young children. Having seen kids reactions to some of my creations with Sarah's patterns, it was disappointing, but necessary.

I want to be sure that items I buy for our granddaughter are made with reasonable care. But dolls with rusty pins or rusted star garlands should clearly be for decorative purposes only. Parents and grandparents should chose things that are safe, and supervise their use. With infants and toddlers, most folks do just that. If you have a grandchild that loves dolls, younger than 12, please purchase appropriate items for their use.

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